Main Office

Located by the railroad tracks at 6 North Main St. Peebles, Ohio, it is nicknamed the "Wood Depot."   It provides a showroom of various wood products produced by McCoy Lumber and a great place for meeting customers to showcase the services we provide.  The building includes a conference room and a media room.

The pictures below give a glimpse inside our office.


Pine Gap Sawmill

Just south of Peebles on Pine Gap Road was where Jack started his first sawmill.  Pictured to the right is a reminder of the company's humble beginnings; a diesel powered stick mill, a Massie-Ferguson tractor and hard work.


Pictured below is the view of the current Pine Gap sawmill, along with a glimpse of our pallet operation, which is located just up the road from the sawmill location.




Dimension Plant

Pictured to the right is the company's dimension plant.  A broad range of our retail products are manufactured here.  Items being produced range from flooring to drumsticks.

The thumbnails below give a short tour inside the plant.




West Union Sawmill

Located a few miles south of West Union, Ohio, just off of SR 125.  This location offers a large log yard, for both saw logs and veneer.  It is also equipped with a re-saw system to go along with a head circle saw.

Click on the pictures below to see more of the operation here.