Jack McCoy graduated from Peebles High School in 1968 and continued his education at Ohio State University where he obtained a Bachelorís Degree in Agriculture with a major in Forest Industries in 1972.  Following his interest in forestry and lumber led him to Memphis, Tennessee, where he completed the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) Inspection Training School.  This education helped land Jack his first job in 1973 with Cockroft Lumber Company, a Memphis based company.  His duties were sales and procurement of hardwood lumber throughout the Appalachian area.  After a short time in this position, Jack saw opportunity elsewhere and decided to advance into the Southwest territory, namely Texas.  During the next few years, new markets and ever expanding product lines sparked Jack to realize the opportunity and necessity of building a vertically integrated forest products company.  The company Jack had in mind would be self sufficient by building a timber base that would yield a sustained growth that matched its production and market. 

Universal Wood Products of Louisville, Kentucky hired Jack in 1975 to expand their markets of foreign and domestic hardwood lumber and wood products.  This job position allowed Jack to establish an import market and gave him closer proximity to his hometown of Peebles, Ohio. 

After spending only one year with Universal, in 1976, Jack was hired by a Nashville, Tennessee based company named Holder and Northern Lumber Company.  The company was seeing exponential sales and growth and Jack was there to help increase supply to their expanding markets.  It was especially through the next two years that the culmination of thought, planning, support of Joe B. Holder Jr., risk and money were brought together to start J. McCoy Lumber Company in 1978.

Chad McCoy, Jackís middle son, graduated from Peebles High School in 1991.  Following his fatherís lead, Chad graduated from the NHLA Inspection School in 1992.  After returning home Chad wasted no time in taking on a major role in the management and expansion of J. McCoy Lumber Company.  Lumber and log procurement were his first duties which led to Chad becoming the log buyer for the company.  Chad is a certified Ohio Master Logger and is currently the vice-president of manufacturing and marketing.

             Lear McCoy, Jackís youngest son, graduated from Peebles High School in 2002.  He furthered his education at Shawnee State University where he received a Bachelorís Degree in Business Administration in 2006.  Lear followed the way of Jack and Chad and graduated from the NHLA Inspection School in 2007.  Mentored by his father and brother, it didnít take Lear long to become a valued asset and begin helping J. McCoy Lumber Company grow and expand.  Lear is currently vice-president of manufacturing and sales.

J. McCoy Lumber has the ability to harvest a tree, produce lumber from the log, kiln dry the lumber, and produce superior quality moldings.  These secondary products are produced from a variety of wood working machinery owned and operated by J. McCoy Lumber in Peebles, Ohio.  J. McCoy Lumber is small in size as compared to the number of operations it has control of that can focus on your particular need in a way that addresses your every concern.  J. McCoy Lumber is a place where the efficient use and conservation of Mother Natureís natural resources collides with the needs of the human resource searching for an engagement that is not available through any other company.